Aukira egg

The Aukira is a native creatu native to Reiflem. It is an uncommon creatu with a rarity of 5% and an incubation time of 50 minutes.


The Aukira is a shy Creatu, preferring to live in small groups away from civilization. Despite their tall stature they hide well from humans; their dark colors blending well with the rocks and ash of Reiflem. If they stand very still, it is possible to walk within feet of them without noticing that they are there unless one knows exactly where to look. Their long, powerful legs give them the ability to reach incredible speeds and can be used as weapons to defend themselves against attack. If something gets too close or spots the Aukira, it can usually outrun its pursuers easily. This makes up for its inability to fly. Its wings are far too small to be able to lift it and are used for balance and displays of size.

When they first hatch, Aukira are wobbly on their feet. It takes a few days for the baby to learn how to balance on and control its long, spindly legs. As the babies play, hopping around the rocks and over lava flows, their legs build up the muscles that adults are known for. Until they are able to run fast enough to escape predators the babies are protected by their parents.

If they are bred in captivity, they form close bonds to the families they are raised with. Some even allow their adoptive families to ride them, although it is not recommended that adults ride them as it is possible that the adult will be too heavy. Not only will a child have fun riding it but it will be perfectly safe with the Aukira's combination of speed and strength to protect it.


Aukira eggs can be hatched in all natural colors and dyed every color execpt Gold and Uldavian.

Mutant Aukira can be dyed in the available dye colors but Gold, Trance and Uldavian.


Baby aukiraTeen aukiraAdult aukira


Baby mutant aukiraAdult mutant aukira