Berrok are noticeably common, with a 35% rarity. The eggs take 45 minutes to incubate and can be found on Relcore.


Berrok may seem tough at first, but they have a soft side as well. Despite their gentle nature they are extremely territorial. Berrok are quick to fight in defense of territory and loved ones. These fights are often extremely dangerous as Berrok are massive Creatu armed with sharp claws and deadly spines. Berrok are surprisingly fast for their size, able to take down small prey with ease once they get close enough. They use their strength to flip boulders to search for food. They can also use their claws to rip bark off trees to get at insects or dig up roots when food is scarce. They have been seen eating berries and nuts as well, especially enjoying them as a snack in addition to fresh meat.

The young will stay with their mother and father until they are old enough to fend for themselves. While they are growing the mother will do everything in her power to protect them, including chasing away the father if she deems him to be a threat. However, as soon as they are old enough to fend for themselves she will chase her own cubs off her territory to ensure that she has enough food for herself and her mate. As they grow, Berrok cubs turn from balls of harmless fur to dangerous predators with many weapons and defenses against attack.

Berrok need a lot of food and will get restless if they feel that they do not have enough. If a human intends to keep one it is best to ensure that the Berrok knows they have enough food at all times, even if there are other pets around. They make excellent guards and even caretakers for young children if they are kept happy. However, should a Berrok feel threatened or that they will not have enough to eat they are likely to turn aggressive to protect their livelihood.


Berrok can currently be hatched and dyed every color except Gold and Uldavian.

Mutant Berrok can only be hatch natural but can be dyed every color except Trance, Gold and Uldavian.

Undead effect can be given to all hatched and dyed colors except Gold and Uldavian.

Derp can be hatched two times a year and in all colors except Gold and Uldavian.

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Undead Berrok