Chimby Egg

The Chimby is from Relcore. It is 10% rare and take 47 minutes to incubate. The Chimby can be hatched in all colors. It can be dyed every color except for Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

Chimby are curious, loving Creatu. They live in large packs and crave the attention of their families. If left alone for long periods of time, they grow dejected and begin to mope. This is not to say that they must have constant attention. They like to strike out on their own for short periods of time to explore. They love to get into absolutely everything, squeezing into holes seemingly too tight for them and climbing to the very tops of large cliffs just to see what a scent was or to reach a particularly juicy berry. During these adventures, they often discover new fruit patches or animal dens for their packs to gather food in. Chimby packs care for their young with no distinction between parents and relatives. The pack lives in large, maze-like burrows that the adults dig out with their claws and each room has a purpose. The largest is the nursery where the young sleep. All adults take turns dropping off food and cleaning the young. When the young are old enough to venture outside, the pack keeps a sharp eye on them as a young Chimby is an easy target for larger predators. If they cannot get the young back into the burrow fast enough, they will defend it using their large claws and teeth as weapons and their tails as whips or supports when they stand on their hind legs.

If you intend to keep a Chimby, it is a good idea to have more than one as they crave attention and will become depressed if you cannot give it to them. They need a lot of hard toys and foods to keep them occupied and to keep their teeth filed down. In the wild they chew on branches to keep their teeth short but if they are not given something to chew in the home they are likely to chew on the home. When kept happy and given attention, Chimby are wonderful pets and will surprise you every day with their lovable antics and curiosity.