Drindian eggs can be found on Scria. It is the most common egg in Rescreatu with a rarity of 40% and has an incubation period of 48 minuets. Drindians come in all natural colors and all dye colors execpt Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

The Drindian towers above the average human with ease, but there is no need to fear them as they are friendly toward humans. Before humans came about the Drindian migrated with the fruiting trees. As the plants in one area came to the end of the fruiting cycle the Drindian would pick themselves up and fly to the next area in fruit. The Drindian lived alone out of necessity as it was difficult to feed large groups. However, they took great pleasure in social gatherings when a grove of trees was particularly plentiful. Then humans came to Scria and the Drindian were more than happy to settle down with them once the humans learned to farm. Now, it is much more common to see large groups of Drindian as there is always enough food from the humans to feed them all.

Drindian are extremely light for their size. To maintain this weight they have an incredibly fast metabolism. Because of this, they cannot go long periods of time without eating. Even so, they are not light enough to take off from the ground. They need a high place to jump from in order to get into the air and have developed excellent climbing skills in order to reach these places. This is rarely a problem due to Scria's rugged landscape. They are ungainly on the ground and prefer not to be anywhere flat. If a Drindian does find itself in the middle of a flat area they must walk and climb until they find a suitable outcropping of cloud to take off from.

Due to their friendly nature Drindian will readily form bonds with a human that provides them food. As long as they have an abundant food source they enjoy spending time with others, especially if they are flying. Humans have discovered this and many have found ways to fly with their Drindian. A Drindian that is satisfied will readily give to others and spend time with them but should a Drindian be lacking in something they will become extremely territorial and defensive, trying to protect what little it has.