Easero eggs can be found on Scria during the Easter seasonal egg hunt. When you activate the seasonal egg hunt, you will have 48 hours to find as many eggs as you can. Easero eggs take 90 minuets to incubate. They come in all natural colors and all dye colors execpt Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

The Easero is a shy Creatu, spending most of the year hidden among the clouds of Scria. They live solitary lives for most of the year, but when the weather begins to get warmer they gather in large groups to mate. Once the eggs are laid they disperse again, hiding the eggs in plain sight. This may seem like a strange strategy, but their eggs are so colorful that they seem more like reflections of the objects around them than actual eggs. Humans picked up this habit when they realized how much their children enjoyed hunting the eggs. It became a popular game and is still played to this day at the same time the Easero hide their eggs.

When they first hatch, the young are extremely vulnerable to predators as they cannot fly or run at any significant speed. However, if the adults were to stay with the eggs they would be extremely easy to find. Although they do not watch their own eggs, the adults are known for caring for any young Easero they come across. Easero are loved by children. They hatch as the small pet that every child wants and when they grow up they can be ridden safely. In return for raising them when they hatch, Easero will often act as nannies to children once they are old enough.

Easero are friendly Creatu if they are raised in captivity. They are not comfortable in large crowds but they make excellent companions for more solitary people. If they are put in a situation where they have to interact with many people they will often close off and try their best to vanish. If this is impossible they are likely to try to scare off the people that are surrounding them with impressive displays with their wings. These displays can sometimes turn violent if the perceived threat does not leave so Easero owners are advised to keep a quiet place for their Easero during parties. As long as the Easero is given plenty of space they will be one of the most caring, playful Creatu you ever own.