Galta eggs can not be found on a planet as they come from Uldavi. But they can be bought in Kir's Prize Shop for 120 points. (For more information, visit Kir's Quest.) They take one minuet to incubate. The come in all natural and dye colors execpt Gold. As the Galta come from Uldavi, dye can be dyed Uldavian.

Description Edit

The Galta have been known to the Uldavians for ages. However, all of what was known of these distant, space-faring Creatu was from fossil records salvaged from meteorites and data taken from long-range surveillance equipment. Since evidence of Galta was so relatively abundant in the vastness of space, it had been long posited that the Galta must be or have been a very common part of the galaxy.

Galta are extremely long lived creatu, taking hundreds of years to reach full maturity. They spend their entire lives processing and refining raw magical energies. After many thousands of years they reach a critical point of stored energy that initiates their mating cycle. When the Galta's instincts take over, they take over in spectacular fashion. Elder Galta unconsciously navigate impossibly small probabilities to slip through the cracks in reality that allow them to complete their life's journey. Once they have mated, Galta travel through space to find a place they intuit will give their offspring the greatest chance of not only surviving, but of following their many thousand year journey.

Galta can subsist in any environment as long as there is sufficient magical energy available for sustenance. Newborns and juveniles stay together in pods for protection, and while only marginally intelligent, are highly social. They communicate with a combination of empathy and complex luminous patterns in their fins, and from a very young age can mimic basic language skills. They also display extraordinarily high pattern-recognition abilities that border on precognition. That aside, their individual personalities vary as widely as humans who keep them.