Goiba eggs can be found on Atquati. They have 3% rarity and takes 36 minuets in incubate. They come in all natural colors and all dye color execpt Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

The Goiba is an inquisitive Creatu. They love collecting small, shiny objects that sink down to the depths. Goiba will often go diving for treasure that they bring back to their muddy homes, lining the caves they dig with their loot. Unfortunately, many of these treasures are lost daily as they build their homes just at the edge of the high tide line to keep them moist. Half their day is often spent carving out a new cave and finding the trinkets that got buried in the collapse.

Goiba lay their eggs under a layer of mud to hide them from predators. Once hatched, the young Goiba spend their time almost exclusively in the water. Here they can hide amongst the seaweed and rocks until their shells harden enough to protect them from predators. They are completely independent as soon as they hatch, capable of catching insects within the first day of life. If a young Goiba is having trouble catching an insect because it cannot move fast enough it will occasionally eat algae to sustain itself until it learns how to hunt properly. Once their shells harden they can use their powerful legs to run from larger predators or simply retract into their shells to protect themselves from smaller ones.

Goiba owners often find small trinkets and jewelry missing. It is difficult to rid Goiba of this habit of trinket collecting and will line their beds in a human home with their owner's valuables. Goiba have been known to swipe items from guests with incredible speed and secrecy, so visitors to the home of a Goiba owner should keep an eye on their valuables. Goiba do not dislike the company of others, but they do not require it either, making them excellent pets for almost anyone.