The Gondra is native to the planet Relcore. It is 30% rare and takes 43 minutes to incubate the egg. The Gondra can be hatched in any color. It can also be dyed in every color except Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

Gondra are energetic, fun-loving Creatu. They are constantly flitting from tree to tree, playing hide-and-seek or tag with their clan. This keeps their metabolism high which, in turn, keeps them small and light. This explains how they are able to fly despite having such a sweet tooth. Gondra adore sweets, eating all the berries they can find in the wild and even stealing from humans on occasion. Their hard scales keep them safe when they go hunting for a sweet treat of honey and bees. The clan collectively takes care of the young. No one member knows exactly who their parents or offspring are, only that they are one of the many in that particular litter or mating group.

When they are young, their metabolism is even higher than when they are adults, so baby Gondra are almost constantly eating. This often gets them into trouble as they know no fear, confident in their speed. They sometimes grow bold enough to take sweet berries right out from under a Berrok's nose. Gondra owners should keep their sweets locked up at all times if they want to have any left for themselves. If a Gondra gets its claws on a cookie or cupcake, chances are the owner won't be getting it back. The upside is that the same speed that keeps them just out of reach with the sweets keeps them out of reach of sleepy feet so there is no danger of stepping on them despite their small size. They adore the company of many humans and Creatu to play with and grow bored quickly on their own.