Iluvu eggs can be found on Reiflem during the Valentine's Day season egg hunt. They take 90 minuets to incubate. They come in all natural colors and all dye colors execpt Gold and Uldavian.


Iluvu are extremely friendly Creatu, living in close-knit groups in the wild. These groups offer not only protection but also the affection that Iluvu crave. Iluvu cannot be alone for too long or they sink into depression. They need the stimulation of their friends to keep their cheerful, loving attitudes. On rare occasions they will leave the group and go exploring on their own but they always return quickly from these adventures.

When an Iluvu is born it recognizes the first living thing it sees as its mother and any it sees in the first few minutes as its family. These are the creatures it will form the closest bonds with, finding it difficult to be apart from them for long even in the company of others. As they grow they form bonds easily with other Creatu and humans, trusting first and asking questions later, which sometimes gets them into trouble. Even as adults their judgement does not improve and they remain open to all new creatures as possible friends.

Keeping an Iluvu is a full-time task. Due to their need for affection, they will often follow their owners everywhere. If an Iluvu is ignored too long or feels that you are giving someone else the attention it deserves it will begin fighting for your attention, tangling itself between your legs as you walk or waking you in the middle of the night just to stroke it. However, this closeness also means that you will have a friend that will stick with you through anything and will forgive minor injustices and mistakes as if they never occurred. They do not tire of their family so be prepared to have a companion for life.