Kurrabi eggs can be found during the seasonal Easter egg hunt. After you activate the hunt, you have 48 hours to find as many eggs as you can. It takes 90 minuets for the eggs to incubate. They come in all natural colors and all dye color execpt Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

The Kurrabi is a mischievous Creatu. They love stealing the favorite objects of other Creatu and hiding them wherever they can. The better the hiding place, the more fun the Kurrabi has. This often gets them into trouble with larger, more powerful Creatu. To keep themselves safe they developed massive hind legs and powerful leg muscles which allow them to run at incredible speeds.

When they first hatch they are ungainly on their large hind legs and their ears drag on the ground when they walk. As such, they often trip on their ears and end up sprawled on the ground. As they grow they become more agile and begin stealing bits of food from their den mates. Once they start exploring the outside world they escalate their thievery to encompass any living creature. These habits make them difficult to keep as pets because their owners often find items missing when they need them most.

They do not hide their eggs as consistently as they hide other items. To keep their eggs safe they dig a den that is often shared by several families. They begin digging these dens during spring when the weather is most pleasant so the young hatch by mid-spring and have grown enough by the scalding summer to be able to handle the weather. By the time the eggs hatch the dens are often filled with stolen items because they are the easiest place to hide these items. Everything from shiny stones to weapons have been found in abandoned Kurrabi dens.