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Leverene are very rare, having a rarity of only 0.9%. However, they only require 11 minutes to incubate. Their eggs are found on Relcore.


The Leverene is a timid Creatu. They are naturally mistrustful of larger creatures, especially humans. To avoid as many other things as possible they are mainly nocturnal. They hide in tall grass and among trees even at night, coming out to forage only after they have assured themselves that there is no threat around. At the slightest noise or scent they will dart back into their holes without waiting to see what it was. They live in groups and there is always at least one on full alert while the others eat.

Their large ears are constantly twisting and turning, catching every sound for many meters, sounds most Creatu would never pick up. This make them able to hear any approaching Creatu long before they have a chance to even know the Leverene was there. They also serve to help the Leverene pinpoint the exact location of the approaching Creatu or human when used in conjunction with the feelers on its back. These feelers send out very quiet sound waves, imperceptible to most Creatu. When the waves hit an object they bounce back like echolocation, giving the Leverene a clear 360 degree picture of their surroundings without ever having to look up from their meal. The sound waves are unique to each Leverene, similar to a fingerprint, so they do not get confused when they are in groups.

Due to their skittish nature, they hide their eggs with incredible care. This makes them difficult to find and something of a treasure when found. If hatched from an egg, the Leverene will develop close bonds with its owner as if they were part of the group. They have a natural sense of when one of their group members needs companionship or space so they will always be there when needed. Unfortunately, even in captivity they are fairly skittish and do not mix well with people and Creatu they do not know until other members of their "group" have assured them several times through interaction that the creature is safe.


Normal, Undead and Derp Leverene can be hatched and dyed any color except Gold and Uldavian.

Mutants can be dyed any color except Gold, Trance and Uldavian.

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Undead Leverene