Liyure eggs are one of the three original Credit Shop eggs, now semi-retired. They are available in an event during Christmas. You buy Credit Points and get a random number of eggs. But, you don't always get the eggs. These eggs take one minute to incubate and MUST be completely incubated or else it will FAIL. Liyure are only available in three natural colors, those being natural, black and albino. They come in only two dye colors, being Trance and Gold.

Description Edit

The majestic Liyure has always been one of the great mysteries of Rescreatu. These golden Creatu have been spotted on all four of the planets. Though they are a rare sight wherever you are, some places, such as the Enchanted Springs are frequented more than others. Wild Liyure come in the dead of night and leave without a trace, so for a long time many people didn't even believe they existed. Due to their mysterious origins and limited appearances the were once believed to be mystical beings, or even gods. The ancient Scrians used to think they were the stars themselves, coming to visit the planet. Liyure eggs are impossible to find in the wild, so scientists have spent years working to capture and breed them for domestication. In doing so they have found that these great golden beasts hatch from bright blue gem-like spheres. They grow to about three or four feet high at the shoulder and can surpass three times that in length. Liyure aren't necessarily nocturnal Creatu, but they tend to be more active at night. Despite being a very calm and quiet Creatu, they are very suspicious, and even when raised from birth may never fully trust their owners. Nonetheless, Liyure are wonderful companions for any owner lucky enough to receive one.