The Malal is native to the planet Relcore. It is 0.95% rare and the egg takes 15 minutes to incubate. The Malal can be hatched in any color. It can also be dyed in every color except Gold and Uldavian.

Desciption Edit

The Malal is an extremely social Creatu. They live in herds for protection, often reaching as many as several dozen members. When the herd feels threatened they will put their weak and young between the stronger members and form a perimeter around them. The horns on the sides of their heads are not just for show, they make powerful defensive weapons as well. When determining the leader of the herd, they take great care not to use these horns as weapons but rather will butt heads with their other pair of horns.

Young Malal are carefree and playful. Adults in the herd keep a constant eye on them to make sure they stay out of trouble. They do not innately know what is dangerous and what isn't so until they learn through experience they are very likely to run into trouble if they aren't watched. As they grow the games the young play begin to reflect the things they will do as adults, such as butting heads or friendly games of chase.

Malal like a lot of space and enjoy being around others, even if they are of different species, so anyone that wants to own one should have wide fields for them to roam in and lead a social life. When spooked, they will back into a corner and occasionally charge if anyone gets too close so be sure to warn visitors just in case. Malal are great family pets and will protect those they consider part of their herd with their lives.