Meragon eggs can be found on Scria. They have 2.5% rarity and takes 18 minuets for incubation. They come in all natural colors and all dye colors execpt Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

Meragon are friendly and adventurous Creatu. They wander the plains and open spaces of Scria in large herds, eating tough and armored vegetation other creatu can not feed on. They cannot fly but their large fins allow them to glide long distances when leaping from a high place. By twisting their sleek body and tail, Meragon preform wild acrobatics in the wind. They love exploring and will take any new object in their mouths to figure out what it is, even if that object is dangerous. A Meragon's mouth is lined with especially tough tissue to protect them from thorns on plants they eat.

After eggs are laid, members of the herd take shifts watching them until they hatch. Once the eggs hatch the young find their mothers by their scent and stay close to them until they are strong enough to run fast enough to avoid predators. Once the young are old enough, they begin bonding with others in their herd and developing their defensive abilities by playing with others their age.

Meragon live well with humans, easily accepting the family as their herd. It is only the first few days that are difficult to get through, especially when the Meragon is hatched from an egg. Because they are born knowing their mother's scent, they will panic if they cannot find her. They must be convinced that they are safe and with their family despite not being able to find their mother. A good way to do so is to provide them with apples and Scria berries, two of their favorite treats. Once they have accepted the family they are excellent babysitters and great with kids as they will play as gently or as rough as the child wants as long as the child is safe.