Mirabilis Egg

The Mirabilis is from Scria. It is 1% rare and takes 33 minutes to incubate. It comes in all natural colors and all dye colors execpt Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

The Mirabilis sometimes comes off as a self-centered Creatu. They are very particular about their appearance and can often be seen preening their feathers to make them lie just right. If their feathers are not shining or are out of place, they will often stop whatever they are doing, land somewhere, and clean them to perfection before resuming their activities. They are actually very caring towards others and form strong bonds with a few individuals over the course of their lives, but they have a strong need to keep their appearance perfect and this gives those that do not know much about this beautiful Creatu the wrong idea.

Mirabilis have strong familial bonds. A pair, once mated, will remain together for life. When the young hatch, their parents will care for them until they learn to fly, at which point the young Mirabilis will leave the nest and begin fending for itself. They will never forget their families and if they run into one another during their travels they will greet each other similarly to a human family that has not seen each other in a long time. They usually do not form large flocks, preferring to remain in the company of their mates only. If a flock is seen, it is likely they are all young and do not have mates.

These strong bonds make the Mirabilis a very loyal Creatu in any home. They are unlikely to form bonds with friends of their owners, or even give them the time of day, but to those they consider their family they are warm and loving. They make excellent pets for those with the patience to stand their constant preening or those that like to show off to their friends. Often, Mirabilis will even begin showing off without prompting, taking pride in their feathers and enjoying the awe of their owner's friends.