Murren eggs can be found on Atquati. It has 3% rarity and takes 37 minuets to incubate. They come in all natural colors and all dye colors execpt Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

For millions of years, the Murren have traversed the depths of Atquati's vast oceans. A heavy, platy shell gives them a great deal of defense against would-be predators as well as the often harsh and unpredictable weather. The wing-like appendages that grow from their shell not only serve as a further deterrent against attack, but also help stabilize the Murren underwater. They are slow and clumsy on land, but under the water they appear to fly; their long, strong flippers giving them the ability to put on amazing bursts of speed for brief periods of time.

The Murren lives primarily off jellyfish and sea grasses, but they can sometimes be found digging in the ocean sediments for mussels; a favorite treat. Typically solitary, a single Murren will travel hundreds of miles to find a preferred spot to hunt and graze. They are non-territorial Creatu, but if one feeding ground becomes too crowded for comfort, a Murren may pass it by in favor of another. Twice a year the Murren gather together in large groups for a long migration to avoid the harsh winter weather. If one is lucky enough to see one of these migrations at sea, it will be an experience they will never forget.

Being creatures of the sea, the Murren is extremely difficult to tame as an adult. When raised from the egg, however, the instinctive drive to find solitude and to migrate can easily be overcome with training and patience. Not the most affectionate of companions, forming a bond with a Murren takes a great deal of time. They make excellent conversationalists once adapted to an environment away from the ocean, but can experience severe mood swings and ill health if they are restricted only to dry land. If you are looking for a Creatu that lavishes love on you frequently, it may be best to look elsewhere rather than choosing the Murren.