Narwi eggs can be found on Atquati during the Christmas seasonal egg hunt. It takes 90 minuets to incubate. They come in all natural colors and all dye colors execpt Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

Narwi are elusive Creatu that make their homes in the most frigid waters of Atquati, where not even the bravest of other Creatu will venture. They lived hidden from the eyes of humans until Klaws Co. set up shop in the frigid Frozen Vale. Even then, it was only by chance that one was spotted while a Klaws Co. representative was scouting farther north to find possible locations for extra workshops. After much further study for the better part of a year they were finally brought to the attention of the public.

The Narwi developed a unique way of protecting their eggs in the unrelenting northern seas of Atquati. Rather than simply laying them and leaving them in the open water, they encase the eggs in ice and usually try to fasten it to a large ice floe so they are harder to spot. They float to the surface and hatch in the open air so the babies can immediately take their first breaths. It is only for the short time that it gets warm enough for the ice to melt that the eggs are unprotected. This is also when they hatch and when several members of Klaws Co. have been able to gather some. For the rest of the year they are too deeply sealed in ice for anyone to collect them.

Because of their isolation, Narwi are skittish around humans and it is nearly impossible to befriend one from the wild. They are highly intelligent and do not take kindly to anyone they consider lower than themselves. Because they consider themselves better than most creatures they meet, they are stubborn in their beliefs and rarely change their opinions once they have made them. It is possible to raise a Narwi from the egg in such a way that they accept the owner, but they are still prone to being snobbish and take a lot of patience to deal with. However, if one can overcome these obstacles they will find a graceful, intelligent, and powerful ally at their side.