Noctis eggs are available in the Credit Shop one or twice a year depending on the month in the year it was first available. These eggs take one minuet to incubate and MUST be completely incubated or else it will FAIL. Noctis are only available in four natural colors, those being natural, black, albino and achromatic. You can hatch the in achromatic during the month they are in the Credit Shop. They come in all dye colors execpt Uldavian. As you can buy them in the Credit Shop, they are available in Gold.

Description Edit

The Noctis is an aloof and solitary Creatu. They hate contact with others and are likely to bite first and ask questions later when it comes to unexpected meetings. They will eat any creature they can fit in their mouths, from small reptiles to mammals, eggs, and even smaller Noctis. Their coloration helps them sneak up on their prey in the dark of night. Although they may not meet others of their kind often, it is an incredible sight when they do. Noctis communicate through dance and different glowing patterns on their hoods. They have a distinctive dance for every occasion, from fighting to mating.

Noctis do not care for their young. They meet to mate and go their separate ways. After the female lays her eggs, she moves on. She is the only female that will not eat that particular clutch of eggs. To avoid other predators, the eggs have to be hidden from sight, usually in a rocky patch. Once the young hatch, they immediately find the nearest rock or tuft of grass to hide in and begin stalking their prey. Rather than venom, they catch their prey by infecting them with the bacteria that lives in their saliva and stalking them until they die. The young hunt prey they can easily swallow until they develop enough bacteria to take down larger prey.

Few can handle a Noctis in the home. They are not social Creatu and are likely to bite when spooked. They need a quiet corner of property, preferably away from other Creatu and humans, and a steady supply of food. While they enjoy stalking their prey, they will not object to an easier catch of pre-killed meat. Raised from the egg, Noctis can bond enough with their owner to allow themselves to be touched or even groomed. Noctis owners are advised to keep the mouth of the Noctis as clean as possible to stunt the development of the deadly bacteria. For those that do not desire much company and want a Creatu that acts more like an independent guard than a pet, the Noctis is the perfect match.