Otachie eggs can be found on Reiflem. The have a 40% rarity and an incubation time of 46 minuets. They come in all natural colors and all dye colors execpt Gold and Uldavian.


Otachie are proud Creatu. They live alone or in mated pairs, patrolling their territory constantly and fighting off any that dare intrude. They spend a lot of time ensuring they are well-groomed, grooming themselves or their mates for upwards of an hour every day. These grooming sessions serve to strengthen the bonds between mates and distaste for outsiders. They also keep the Otachie's fur aligned properly so they can take full advantage of the cooling effect the hollow strands provide. Otachie can take down prey far larger than themselves, using their wings to glide on top of it silently or their coats to blend with the lava all around them.

The young must grow up quickly in the harsh environment of Reiflem. Mothers will teach their young to hunt and defend themselves but they do not develop strong bonds with them. Once they are certain that the young can fend for themselves, they chase them away viciously. Young Otachie rarely find a territory near their parent's, preferring to go somewhere where their hunting and fighting techniques are not known by their neighbors.

Otachie do not enjoy the company of humans and are unlikely to form a close bond with one. However, they can develop a mutual relationship with one where they receive food and the human receives protection or companionship. They dislike large gatherings and are likely to vanish for a short period of time if one is taking place. They are perfect for an owner that does not want a pet that is extremely needy but instead wants one that will simply be there when it is needed and leave when it is not.