Egg (1)-0

The Paor is native to the planet Relcore. It has 0.9% rarity and the egg takes 9 minutes to incubate. The Paor can be hatched in any color. It can also be dyed in every color execpt Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

The Paor is quite a curious Creatu. Awkward after it hatches, the Paor gets used to its long legs within a matter of hours, learning quickly how to balance its body with its tails. While foraging on the ground, they have a tendency to hop almost like a bird. But do not let their leisurely pace fool you! Should they sense danger approaching, they will leap away and sprint to safety at an impressive speed. Gossamer wings begin to grow as they age, as well as horns and spikes along their spine. While the wings are useless for actual flight, they do allow the Paor to hover for a few seconds. They also have another, more important purpose. The spikes on their backs and their horns serve as a deterrent to predators rather than outright defense, and can also be used to help determine their age.

A Paor's favorite meal consists of apples. While they will eat apples that have fallen from the tree, they prefer to leap to a low branch, beating their wings for balance, to get at the best ones. Watching a Paor leap from branch to branch has put many in awe of their grace and agility. But nothing compares to the sight of two Paors who have decided they both want the same apple. They will flash their wings, showing off the length of their feathers and crouch to show their spikes in a dominance display. Should this fail to impress, they will test each other by leaping and dancing around each other as they slowly fall to the ground. Eventually one will decide that enough is enough and turn towards another fruit. Paor owners have a tendency to keep apple trees near their homes just to witness this rare and breathtaking dance. The Paor are experts at hiding their eggs, but once obtained and hatched the infant will readily form bonds with a human. They are a source of constant delight, frequently demanding attention by performing stunts. Should you find yourself ready to hatch a Paor Creatu egg, be certain you are ready to spend hours a day devoting your time to it!