Quelis eggs are randomly earned when you have reached Tier 3 Prizes in the Enchanted Springs on Atquati. These creatu take 42 minuets to incubate.They come in all natural colors and all dye colors execpt Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

Quelis are loving Creatu. They are very empathic and prefer small groups or one-on-one interaction to avoid the jumbles of emotions that come with crowds. Small pods of Quelis make their homes deep in the Enchanted Springs. They do not need to protect their eggs as they have no natural predators. Because they simply leave their eggs on the bottom of the Enchanted Springs until they hatch, an egg will occasionally float up to the surface where it can be found by a human or another Creatu.

While they are young they remain in the depths of the Springs, having little protection from enemies while their skin and shells harden. Their skin must remain wet at all times, even as they grow. When they mature their skin toughens, making it possible for them to venture out of the Springs as long as they have a supply of fresh water in their shells should they begin to dry out. They cannot move quickly to escape from predators but they can retract into their shells at incredible speeds.

Their empathy makes Quelis great pets. They know exactly when to give their owners space and when to give them company. They love to cuddle so they are perfect for people who crave affection. They are good companions for calm owners, although they have been known to relax owners who are perpetually on edge with their easygoing demeanor.