Skaldyr eggs are found on Atquati. They have 2% rarity and takes 31 minuets in incubate. They come in all natural colors and all dye colors execpt Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

Skaldyr are solitary, aggressive Creatu. They prefer the depths of Atquati where they can avoid other Creatu and people. They use their sensitive antennae to feel the slightest movement of fish in the dark water and can hone in on their exact location from half a mile away. They use their scythe-like claws to grab and kill struggling prey before shredding off chunks to swallow whole. If they run into another of their kind they will take it as an assault on their territory and attack without question, although their aggression towards other species tends to diminish as they grow larger and more secure. It is thanks to these angry outbursts that they have often been dubbed the Scourge of Atquati.

Skaldyr will set aside their differences only to mate. They lay small batches eggs in seaweed at the edges of their territory and leave them to their fates. Once the eggs hatch the young separate and swim away from their mother's territory, not wanting to be taken as a meal. Until they grow large enough to defend themselves against most carnivores, young Skaldyr make up for their size through sheer aggressiveness. They will attack anything that comes near, even if it has no ill will towards them. Each Skaldyr will quickly pick out a territory for itself, one that grows larger as they do.

Keeping a Skaldyr as a pet is not a good choice for the impatient owner. While they are young they will often pinch and cut their owners when they are approached. This aggressiveness lessens as they become more secure in their surroundings but the introduction of new people or Creatu will always make them revert to their aggressive ways until they get used to the new arrivals. When properly trained and socialized Skaldyr make excellent guards for their owners.