Tesuri Egg

Tesuri eggs are found on Atquati. It has 1% rarity and takes 13 minutes to incubate. They come in all natural colors and all dye colors execpt Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

Centuries ago, the Tesuri may have been glimpsed soaring through the skies of Scria; their sky blue coats and white feathers the perfect camouflage for these graceful, airborne hunters. Even in their native world they were a rare sight, for they kept to themselves, giving other Creatu and humans a wide berth. Even so, it became obvious at some point that the Tesuri were having difficulties when reported sightings began to decrease each year. Loyna, the Guardian of Scria, set out to find them and discover what was happening. Those Tesuri that consented to speak with her told her tales of their prey being stolen by other hunters, and about how they had been driven from traditional hunting areas.

Loyna contacted the other Guardians, and gained permission from Palora to relocate the Tesuri to Atquati. Only a few groups consented to cross the portal and leave their home, but it was enough. Though the Tesuri vanished from Scria, they thrived on Atquati with little competition from other land predators. They adapted to their environment by learning how to swim and waterproof their feathers with oils from certain Atquatian plants. The translucent film that protected their eyes from wind while in flight was also useful for helping the Tesuri to see under water.

Despite their brush with extinction, the Tesuri have survived. Though they still keep to themselves in the wild, they have been known to shelter and guide lost travelers back to known landmarks. Their ability to learn and their quick wit make them valuable companions should one manage to obtain one of their well hidden eggs. When raised from the egg they are the most loyal of all Atquati Creatu, being especially good with children. Should you happen to gain the love of one of these magnificent Creatu, consider yourself blessed and treasure them always.