Uilus eggs can be found on Scria during the Christmas seasonal hunt. It takes 90 minuets to incubate. In comes in all natural colors and all dye colors execpt Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

The Uilus is a thoughtful, solitary Creatu. They make their homes in the colder regions of Scria, enjoying the bustling wind ruffling their fur. They do not like large gatherings as they tend to get too loud for the shy Creatu. When the Uilus is excited it will twitter happily and rather loudly. They feed mostly on berries and small animals but when food is scarce they will forgo their solitary nature and gather in groups to take down larger prey.

As summer is a difficult time for the Uilus, its thick feathers making it too hot for comfort, the young are born when the weather cools and is most appealing to them. This gives them time to grow old enough to fend for themselves before they need to distance themselves from the body heat of their mothers. Young Uilus will stay with their mothers throughout the winter, learning to hunt and forage before they set out on their own. As they grow, their powerful muscles build so they can chase their prey on foot or take to the skies to snatch a bird in flight.

Uilus do not require much care when domesticated. They prefer to keep away from large gatherings and often remain aloof even to their owners. They do not like being pent up and they get restless if they are not allowed to fly freely or chase after their dinner every once in a while. Their home must be cold or they will be in a constant state of discomfort and will become lethargic and moody. They are the perfect pets for anyone that leads a more solitary lifestyle and finds enjoyment in a companion that takes little care and will not ask for much companionship.