The Vaspi is found on Relcore during the Valentine's Day Seasonal Hunt with a rarity of .08% It takes 90 minuets for a Vaspi egg to incubate. The Vaspi can be hatched in all natural color and dye in all colors execpt for Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

The Vaspi are intelligent and loving Creatu. As infants, they flit from tree to tree around Relcore, seemingly with no reason at all. However, each Vaspi eventually finds one tree or similar object that they will not leave. Once they land on it, they begin forming an attachment to it. By the time they become adults this attachment is so powerful that it is nearly impossible to remove them from it.

This attachment is not the same as a normal attachment to a home. It is a nearly neurotic obsession with their object. Vaspi will often become confused and depressed if they are removed from the object. Others have been known to fly into a rage trying to return to their objects. It is rare, but some will become so attached that anything that comes within reach of their object will be attacked. For this reason it was long thought that Vaspi were wild and could never be tamed, but one man found an egg and hatched it. It was then discovered that Vaspi hatched in captivity will form these same bonds with their owner.

This is not to say the Vaspi cannot think. Vaspi are extremely intelligent but they are often overpowered by their urges and succumb to their instincts. As such, it is suggested that only those that are able to take their Vaspi everywhere hatch one. An insect that reaches ones kneecaps is not always the most welcome of visitors so be sure to warn anyone you are meeting before coming over.