Veram eggs can be found on Reiflem. They have 1.5% rarity and takes 14 minuets to incubate. They come in all natural colors and all dye colors execpt Gold and Uldavian.

Description Edit

Veram are sly, crafty Creatu. They usually live alone or in small family units and shy away from outsiders. Although they are predators, they usually manage to find their meals using sly tricks rather than actually hunting for them. They will often trick another predator into leaving their kill just long enough for the Veram to make off with it or take a few big bites. Wild Veram have also been known to steal food from humans from right under their noses or root through trash cans for choice slices of meat that were thrown out for one reason or another. Despite these preferences, Veram are fierce hunters and can catch a small animal for dinner with ease. Once trapped in their powerful jaws, the prey has no chance of escape.

Veram are very protective of their young and will stay with them often past the age when the young can venture out on their own. The young will only leave their parents when they find a mate of their own or a new litter is born and they are chased out for fear that they will eat their younger siblings. As pups, they will stalk and pounce on insects but their greatest teaching is in their sneakiness. They mimic their parents and by the time they are adults they are just as conniving as any other Veram. Veram have no sense of their size and will readily attack even an Ardur if they feel that their family is threatened.

In the home, the Veram do not need these crafty ways to get food but they will often use them. Veram are prone to boredom if they are not kept stimulated and an excellent way to do this is to make their food difficult to get. If not kept entertained, they may begin hoarding your things as a game of hide-and-seek. This is mostly harmless but sometimes they may take important things, such as your keys. When kept properly entertained, however, Veram are loving companions that will gladly defend you against much larger enemies.