Zenirix Egg

The Zenirix is from Relcore. It was 20% rarity and takes 42 minutes to incubate. They can be hatched in any color, as well as dyed in any color but Gold and Uldavian. There was a glitch that allowed pets with gold and Uldavian colors to be morphed into different creatu but has scene been fixed. There are currently four of these glitch Zenirix in Rescreatu as of 8-12-16.

Description Edit

Zenirix are brave, loyal Creatu. They live in large packs which take turns hunting and patrolling their territory. When one member of the pack is injured the rest will take turns guarding them and nursing them until they are fully healed. They also take turns caring for the elderly and pups, working as a single, cohesive family unit at all times. Fights do break out but they are quelled quickly and the pack rarely holds grudges against their own. However, should another pack venture into their territory, they are likely to hold a grudge for many years. They mostly prey on larger animals, but in hard times they have been known to go after smaller prey or even eat berries if there is absolutely no prey to be found.

Pups are born in large groups so they always have someone to play with and practice the skills they need as an adult. They are inquisitive and must be constantly supervised so they do not wander off. As they grow, they start catching small animals around their den and roughhousing more violently. Once the adults see that they are strong enough, they will take the pups out on hunts, teaching through observation and practice so the pups can become helpful members of the pack. It is rare for a Zenirix to leave the pack but it does happen occasionally.

Domesticated Zenirix create strong bonds with their owners. Even if they are neglected for short periods of time, they will not hold a grudge and will continue to greet you as happily as they ever have. However, neglect a Zenirix too long and it will attempt to find other ways to meet its social needs, such as finding a new owner. They are not picky eaters and will eat any kind of meat so feeding them is not difficult. They enjoy the company of other Zenirix but a devoted owner is more than enough companionship. They are especially good for households with young children, protecting the child as if it were their pup and receiving the attention it needs at the same time.